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Currently right now i am attending the school Colorado Media School. Im learning alot. I feel since im in the public eye now that I’ve been on a big stage. Its my job to maximize what I’ve been doing the last 5 years. Coordinating Buddy Bowls “Charity for Football” I got overwhelmed. So now I’m using radio as my method. What better way to force nonprofits to do the right things by weeding out the bad from the good. We investigate each one for 3 weeks before we give them an invitation. Then we promote them for the Soldier for help. Promote the nonprofit for funds and for people to see they take in less donations for admin cost then they disperse to the Veteran. Yes we have sent some invites to some nonprofits and been turned down, very few ,  because we feel that were just not that well known like some other shows. If we get to that point and we endorse you on our site. Then I guess they’ll regret it. BEWARE just because you think they are good you would be surprised. (Charity Navigator) is great, but we spend longer on their tax form (990). Since i started this I’ve been very shocked at the results that Brandy Jones has reported. You don’t want to miss the show. I might not have a radio voice,  because of my Traumatic Brain injury. My heart and vision is in the right place. So if you get an invite as a NONPROFIT(Congratulations) your doing the right thing. If you don’t FIX YOURSELF our site will expose you.

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